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Pain Killers Online Policy Basic Requirements In order to buy pain medications from this online pharmacy, you must be of 18 years minimum in any country you find yourself. This is to meet up with the global requirements regulating the legal possession of pain killers. Prescription scripts are not obligatory in order to purchase from us, holders and non-holders of prescriptions can purchase pain killers from this licensed online pharmacy. Packaging Pain Killers All our packages are discreet, we package discreetly using the most secured means and in some cases we do attach stamps on our packages which show that the package has already been checked and so it can't be double checked during transit. Our main aim of packaging discreetly is to assure safety of our clients. In order to assure anonymity of our clients we do ship the package to the delivery address provided by the client but we put fake names as the receiver's names. With this, in case of any infraction or complication with law enforcement the client simply needs to decline ownership of the package so that it shall be returned to us and we shall then issue a full refund to the client. Delivering Pain Meds Thanks to the partnership we have with several top pharmacies around the world, we are able to deliver within 12 to 18 hours to most parts of USA and Canada. We deliver expressly within 3 to 5 days to the rest of the world upon issue of tracking numbers so that our clients can follow up the progress of their packages online. Delivery is guaranteed and we have a 100% refund policy in case of non delivery of any package. Also in the case we try to deliver domestically but the package fails to arrive we then send the package from a different country so that it will cross certain barriers and get delivered easily. In such a case we do add some free products in the package to compensate the client for the delay. Other Services We do offer free online consultation to all our clients. Also we have leaflets for all the products we offer, these leaflets contain classified information and so we offer them free to our clients so that they can have first hand information about pain meds. Payments at this online pharmacy are done securely, we try to seperate our invoices from the client's personal information. In the case were payment is done using credit or debit cards we mask the purchase so that it doesn't pull up on his bank statement as purchase of pain meds. We also use other payment methods which are safe and completely seprate the client's personal information from the item purchased.These include cash through bank wire transfers,money transfer services,bitcoins,checks,amazon purchase,paypal etc.
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